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Unlock the best version of yourself at the gym where every sweat, every lift, and every stride brings you closer to your goals. Join a community of go-getters and transform your fitness journey into a story of triumph and self-discovery.

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Embrace a lifestyle where health is at the forefront, and witness how improved fitness, mental clarity, and vitality redefine your daily experience. Dive into a journey of wellness that not only extends your lifespan but enriches the quality of every moment lived.


Embrace a community that values safety, support, and encouragement-the perfect place to reach your fitness dreams. Join like-minded individuals who make every workout feel like a shared victory. 

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We get it—life’s busy, and finding the right place to work out can be tough. That’s why our gym has everything you need, all under one roof. Imagine walking into a space where top-notch equipment meets every fitness level and goal, from the beginner to the elite athlete.

We’ve got weights, machines, the latest cardio stuff, and even a turf area. Joining us means more than just signing up for a gym; it’s like becoming part of a family that’s all about helping you get stronger and healthier.

Unleash your potential with group classes. Get personalized guidance from top-tier trainers and holistic health coaches to achieve your goals faster. Refuel and rejuvenate with advanced recovery tools.

When you join the Rise RX family you get:

  • Complimentary In-Body Scan
  • Complimentary Welcome Session with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • 15% off your first piece of Rise RX Merch

We’ve got your back with all the tools and support you need to make it happen.

The Only Fitness Prescription You Need

Forget complicated plans and confusing advice. Rise RX Fitness delivers everything you need to level up: customized workouts, expert guidance, personalized nutrition and advanced recovery tools to maximize your efforts and minimize soreness. Ditch the guesswork, grab your prescription for success, and rise with us!


Reach your fitness goals, regardless of experience, in our functional group fitness classes led by certified personal trainers! These classes combine strength, cardio, and mobility for a well-rounded workout.

personal training

Work with a personal trainer to reach your goals faster. We will customize workout plans tailored to your unique needs, helping you with losing weight, gaining muscle or enhancing overall fitness.

infrared sauna

Our infrared sauna utilizes far infrared and full spectrum heaters with True Wave™ technology for deep penetrating heat, offering relaxation, detoxification, and health improvement. Infrared sauna use is a great post workout recovery tool.

This is your Rise RX transformation, waiting to happen:

We are dedicated to establishing an inviting and inclusive community that ensures you feel at ease and supported. Your fitness journey is unique – our commitment to innovation ensures we can support every step of the way.

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Whether you are looking for a gym to work out in, a personal trainer, or a whole body and wellness roadmap with a complete prescriptive plan, we are here to help.

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Your goals are our goals. When you work with us, we will provide a tailor-made plan. No matter the level of support you need, we are here for you.

Get Whole Body Healthy

We don’t just build stronger bodies, we cultivate holistic health from the inside out.


I absolutely love this gym! The owners, trainers, staff and facility are second to none. The members are awesome too. Being an active member here has been life changing for me. Come check it out!

Lara S.

Rise RX fitness is pretty amazing. I’ve been coming here for almost 6 months. Everyone is friendly. The equipment is great and always clean. The staff is helpful. And really for me, It’s the culture that makes the gym. Everyone comes in to put their work, everyone is friendly, and then everyone heads out. There’s no loitering, no interrupting and telling other people what to do, and no show boating. Family oriented, friendly, fun, and great owners.

Mike M.

This gym is AWESOME love the equipment very asthetic look to it always clean and great staff!

Angelina R.

Welcoming staff, extremely clean, great gym layout, includes areas for different types of fitness.


Experience The Difference

Unlock your full potential with expert guidance, customized workout plans, and a wellness-focused approach.

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